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ROM Updater (via USB or Serial HotSync) ZIP lançado 1970.01.01.

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Categoria PDA's
Marca Aceeca
Dispositivo Meazura MEZ1000
Sistemas operativos Windows
Tamanho de ficheiro 975 Kb
Tipo de ficheiro ZIP
Lançado 1970.01.01
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ROM Updater (via USB or Serial HotSync) You can update your handheld using this tool by performing a HotSync operation which will prompt you to run the updater application on your handheld.­ You can use either a USB or Serial cable to use this tool.­ Installation Instructions This upgrade process requires Palm Desktop to be installed on your computer.­ Please refer to the Quick Start Guide (chapters 1 and 2) for installation instructions.­ After downloading the zip file from the link below and unzipping it to a folder of your choice,­ please follow these steps: Connect your Meazura device to the PC using either your USB or serial cable.­ Double click on the “ROM Updater200 v504 release 102805-1200.­prc” file,­ select the Palm user name and click OK.­ Start the HotSync process on the Meazura by clicking on the HotSync icon in the Main Launcher screen.­ The unit will start the HotSync process and the installer will be transferred to the Meazura unit.­ The system will then reset and the installer will commence automatically.­ The installer will then check the ROM versions on your unit to the one in the installer and advise you if the ROM requires updating or not.­ Follow the prompts on the Meazura screen when they appear.­ Click on “Yes,­ Proceed” if you wish to proceed past that point or “No,­ Cancel” if you want to cancel the process.­ At the end of the ROM upgrade,­ the system will reset itself automatically.­ Then follow the instructions on the screen to recalibrate the screen.­ HotSync (or restore) your data back to the device.­ You have now successfully upgraded the ROM on your Meazura device.­

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