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Categoria PDA's
Marca Aceeca
Dispositivo Meazura MEZ1000
Sistemas operativos Palm OS
Tamanho de ficheiro 461 Kb
Tipo de ficheiro ZIP
Lançado 2007.02.22
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Have you ever wanted to use the BCS2 barcode scanner in any application of your choice,­ where whatever barcode you scanned would immediately appear in the active application?­ Then the new BCS2 Wedge is your answer and it's free for both personal and commercial use.­ The BCS2 Wedge places itself between the Laser scanner engine and the active Palm OS application,­ hence the reason why it is called a wedge.­ To explain how it works,­ when a barcode is received through the scanner,­ the BCS2 Wedge processes this information before sending it to the active Palm OS application.­ The barcode appears as a text string in any active text field.­ The BCS2 Wedge also monitors whether the user is trying to scan a barcode with the keypad button or Graffiti Pad icons in order to manually trigger the laser scanner.­ Of course there is still the option of having the BCS2 module start the laser automatically when a barcode is within range.­ Other configurable options also include the ability to select which barcode symbologies the laser scanner accepts as valid.­ With the custom output option,­ you have the ability to add receive other info from a barcode,­ such as barcode type,­ barcode length as well as date and time scanned.­ These will be added to the barcode string when the barcode is scanned.­ If you are an application developer,­ you may be interested in looking into the launch code API interface which has been provided to setup the wedge from your own application.­ You can also use this interface to enable,­ disable and trigger the scanner from within your application.­

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